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MiniMonos World Book Day Giveaway!

Hey, monkeys!  World Book Day is coming up for UK monkeys on March 7th!  If you don't know about World Book Day, it's a celebration of authors, illustrators, books AND a celebration of reading!  

Many of you have told us about your favorite books, so we're celebrating World Book Day with 2 awesome World Book Day author interviews and 2 book giveaways!

Francesca_SimonOur first World Book Day interview is with Francesca Simon, author of the Horrid Henry books, which are about the world’s most mischievous kid!  One LUCKY MONKEY will be winning a WHOLE HEAP of Horrid Henry books -21 books to be exact!

Check out our interview with Francesca:

Do you have any tips for kids who would like to become authors?
First, to read, read, and read. Keep an ideas notebook.  Finish what you start.  And try to combine unusual ideas: why not a ghost romance, or animal sports day?  Think of different genres, and mash two together (magic and school; mystery and family, for example).

Do you ever base your writing on real life events?
Occasionally, some of the Horrid Henry stories are inspired by true life situations, such as the Comfy Black Chair, and Horrid Henry’s Injection.

What were some of your favourite books when you were growing up?
Little Women, Half-Magic, The Three Musketeers, Little House in the Big Woods, A Wrinkle in Time.

What advice would you give kids who are having trouble with writer's block?
I don’t believe in writer’s block. I think there are problems and difficulties waiting to be solved. If you’re stuck on one bit, write the ending. Or another part that you feel confident about.

If you could picture any of your characters as a type of monkey, which character and what kind of monkey?  
Miss Battle-Axe would make a good monkey—perhaps a gorilla!

Thank you, Francesca!


How awesome was that, monkeys?  Can you imagine one of your teachers as a gorilla? 

If you would like a chance to win a full set of the Horrid Henry books and a 1-Month MiniMonos Gold Membership, answer this question:

Which Horrid Henry character did Francesca say would make a good monkey?

Email your answer AND monkeyname to contests@minimonos.com with "World Book Day Giveaway #1" as the subject of your email!  

If your answer is correct, you'll be in the draw to win the big prize, AND your correct entry will earn you 250 Banana Chips!  Entries must be in by March 12th!

Happy World Book Day, monkeys!  Keep an eye out for our second World Book Day interview, too!


EcoProject Spotlight: Redy2442 saves the frogs!


Today we're putting the spotlight on Redy2442 and her brother, who found frogspawn in their backyard. 

Frogspawn is a cluster of tadpole embryo surrounded in jelly. There are thousands of eggs in the cluster, but on average only five out of the thousand survive!


After finding the frogspawn, Redy2442 and her brother took the frogspawn out of the old toy in their backyard and relocated it to a natural habitat where there is a better chance of survival.  You can learn more about frogspawn here.

Redy2442 is now an EcoMonkey and has been given the special EcoMonkey t-shirt, EcoMonkey Top Cap, which means she can now visit the Eco Dome on MiniMonos Island every day!

If you're not an EcoMonkey yet, click here to learn more about the EcoMonkey program!

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