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Box of Awesome has something to cheer you up!

Hey UK Monkeys!

We know that the news of MiniMonos closing may have left some of you feeling sad, so our friends from Box of Awesome have something bananamazing to cheer you up!


Box of Awesome is an exclusive box of EPIC items delivered to your home every two months.  Filled with music, movies, games, toys, stickers and all sorts of exclusives, you can’t get this anywhere else- all for just 38p per week!

They've put together Limited Edition MiniMonos boxes that are ONLY available for MiniMonos Monkeys, filled with HEAPS of awesome goodies:
  • Limited edition MiniMonos items in your next box
  • An exclusive code for Monkey Me mobile game to unlock a special item
  • And not forgetting your Box of Awesome subscriber-only items!
So what are you waiting for?  Get your Limited Edition MiniMonos Box of Awesome HERE now!


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I have ALREADY ordered a box of Awesome now!! :DD

Cant wait!! :D


this box of is awesome hopefully if we all uy it we can bring mm back

i am not uk so i can't

my brother has been banned from MiniMonos and I can't get on:(

I might get it if my mum lets me lol

im sorry but wiv minimonos closing I shall never be happy. :( I only joined in January and I have had so many fantastic memories, plz make another website soon

it wanint me falt the i got baned becomes my brother had sibitted my acount to something and they must have got me banded

Minimonos has gone now :(

It's a shame to see this game go. I remember all the good times I spent on here. This box sounds like a neat idea.

Minimonos is offically closed down im still talking even thought the sites off

If you are doing advertisements do Club Penguin because you have other game adss

Its my B-Day Soon! So I am hosting a Club penguin Party! Yes!

Theme: Party Stuff

Where: Big Foot, Snow Forts

When: 28th of May 4:30 Pm Australian Time and 11:00 Pm Club Penguin Time

Please be there! My User Name is Joeltheodore!

I miss minimonos! Please alphamonkey,reopen it somehow!THin of all the caring monkeys who go on minimonos!It's not fair!

Hi Monkey's, got some good news if you play minecraft! I am making a MiniMonos Server!

We will forever be a Minimonos family :D

Really miss you guyz.. :'(... Miss you jas, bubbz, merpie(splashgo), tommypp, BT, Manx, viper, alpha, chimp,9977, dyn, edisonz, lillybubb, Tina, and.. Loads more... I wish I could talk to you guyz again.. The thing is.. I'm never able to move on from the fact MM has closed. Never. I dont know if its me.. But nothings gone right since MM shut down.. I miss you guyz. Forever will. Thanks for the help you gave me alpha.. And sorry for what I said in tge past Manx. Miss ya BT. Miss ur hidin place viper :'(... I wish I could talk to you guyz again. I really do. The memories of MM will never fade.


Same TaliaJessie Cant get over it it has been..... A month or 2 since it closed can't remember the date
I had god friends and it was an escape from reality I wish it would come back.

Yeah,Its a shame. I agree TJ. Everyone has stopped posting things on there blogs and that. That's a shame.

Thank you Davidp81 for making Lollo witch I and many other people have joined.

Miss you all so very much.

Hey I haven't left???

I STILL LOVE MiniMonos an hopefully it will come back and if It does I PROMISE You I will join I miss ya all,I still keep in touch with a few of you and I AM joining Lollo-my Lollo username is just Cola (FINALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLY!)

Lol see you monkeys around,



Not far. :( I want one but I don't live in the UK. So I guess I can't get one.


I see BT and Viper on twitter sometimes. Yeah I miss this game but I have moved on cuz this was the 3rd virtual world game that closed down on me. It seems that virtual worlds are tested about 3-4 years old. Some stay and some go.

I have not seen any new posts here on the Go Bananas Blog. I thought the staff was going to do new apps? Are there going to be any more posts here or is this blog just a memorial of a great game lost forever know as Minimonos?


Yo if some of my epic buds are watching this id liek to let you know please join cp and add me im calld Slimebolt also if your reading this mm please bring back mm why does it have to close

Do you guys wanna know what MiniMonos so great?
Well I'm gonna tell you because we were a samll community unlike sites like BinWeevils,ClubPenguin so on and we hardly ever left anyone out because we knew everyone and I think that was great.I still remember (and try to forget) all the times when you all kept on trying and trying to drink me and I still don't know if those times were good or bad times :P

Whatever happened through the good times and bad times we still got by 'em!

And heres the BIG list of people I'll never forget!

Jass-Miss ya jam

Love-Still keep in touch

Dynamo-Miss ya magic man

Ray-You were so close to a MaxiMonk!

Bubble-Don't stop blowin ya Bubbz

Timothy-You got there in da end

TalliaJessie-Tj nice know'in ya

JessieTallie-Jt nice know'in ya

Eddie-Soz about da bad times

Monku-EoAHHH Lol you were funny

Spyhopper-Neva got to talk to you much

Creeper-Creeper,Jeeper,Mr Leaper you were awesome

Monkey8080-You go girl xD

Lilac-I have NO words all I can say is you were one of my best buds

Tipski-Glad I finally got to know ya :)

Cup-Who can forget you? You showed me around MiniMonos you made me (my monkey) a leader

MadMonkMonkey-Why did you have to leave so early?

CheekyChimpze-We loved this game didn't we bro?

MatchAttaxHarry-You You You were EPIC

Trendzstar-Thanks for being awesome

Carpetman-You were like a romodel

LemonGuy-Neva got to really know you :(

Chewer-Heyy Thanks for ALL your help and fun

Yeknom-Lolz I remember your first post on MM B

MiniKing-You were very enthusiastic

Nutty-Woot still remember when we met

GirlyGal & GracieGal-Hope you both take on another blogging career

KingMonkey-Keep da crown

MrMcool-Still remember ya

Warturtle-Thanks for helping me

AvatarJake-Remember you winning all da prizes

Tinalouise-Thanks for showing me glitches

Sophieleigh-You were great

Mitchallen-Glad ya came back to da MaxiMonks

Lukata-Do ya remember your random photos?

Musty-Got any mustard LOL miss ya

Fgago-Hey don't stop being who ya are

Tyler-Glad ya came back


Viper-You were awesome Pinkie Head

Littlestone:I wish you never left

Kaputchin-Thank you so much and helping me get out of hard times

Zinky-Never got to talk much but I heard your an awesome artist!

AlwaysMonkey-Never got to actually meet you! :(

Orbby-You Were so fun and awesome

Alpha-Thanks for giving me exclusive codes and of course for making MINIMONOS!

That's all of my BIG list I'm sorry If I missed you out I had to look at a few old photos :)

Best Wishes,


Have a great Summer :D

I'm trying to recreate minimonos using powerpoint. It's working alright so far but I'm still having a few problems with the hyperlinks.
I hope ot will work and minimonos will be back to normal.

Hope to see ya soon.

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