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Marco's mug-shot Monday: Memories with friends!


This week we're going to show you some of favorite memories on MiniMonos!

Monkeychops586, Jablala, and buddies work together to clean up the beaches!


Monkeys walk through the Door of Destiny to enter Kusachi Canyon for the first time!

Ediesonz3 and his buddies love their Pharaoh Headresses!

Pies were victorious and escaped from Crystal Cave!

Monkeys celebrate the New Year with a pop-up party favorite, Rainbow!

Bananatastic and Tapmancs sat together for an epic mug-shot!

Monkeys LOVE the Showdecks!


Do you see your monkey in any of these pictures? Make sure to heck back next monday for more AWESOME memories!


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Ahhh......Good Times :D

Great memories!
Can't belive in in one!

Truly gonna miss this virtual world!

Ahh, I remember 1 of those photo's! I was in it!

This is sad sad news :(


im amotional i was in 3 of them i love minimonos!:'(

O: I notice that the Egyptian photo was the first day I meet my best buddaaay, Davidp81. So many memories in such a sort time! :)


Awww memories :'(


aww ive only been on a few months, almost cried when i found out

Ahhh Memories I can remember the day I joined MM and Cup was there to help me out :P


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