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Epic Monkey Games: Sign up and come to the Opening Ceremony!


The opening ceremony for the Epic Monkey Games begins on Wednesday, July 25th!

Visit Bimini Rocks and sign up for your country team NOW!

What are you and your buddies doing to train and get ready for the Epic Monkey Games?

More details about Wednesday's EMG Opening Ceremony PLUS an awesome Gold-only opening party at the soon-to-be-opened Bimini Rocks stage BACK ROOM -- coming soon!


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Omg, cant wait

Oh my! Can't wait for all the fun!


Im in team newzealand

Awesome! And a Gold-only backstage???!!! XD

cant wait!!!! soo much is happenening im soo excited!!!


Omg gold only backstage wicked


Oh my becky WOW. Jesus.


I finally made a youtube account
go on it and see what i would hav submitted for the bermuda triangle MMP


clean on my name i put above

This is going to be so epic! Cant wait for the games to begin! :)

New link
Click on my name

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