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New MiniMonos Update: Green Bananas!

 Hey Monkeys!

MonkeyRock here from the MiniMonos Fire Blog! Here's news about a new update on MiniMonos!

I noticed there are some monkeys wearing a shirt with a Green Banana on them, did some research, and worked out what it was! If you're a new monkey (NOT a top banana or Gold) you can easily complete it!

Here's how you can become a Green Banana if you're new to MiniMonos:

  • Login to MiniMonos and click on the Green Banana on your screen! This will pop up:

  • Do all the things that it says to do when you hover over the pictures in the middle.

The tasks include:

  1. Fly: Collect Clouds (Play a game of Monkey Flight) 
  2. Treehouse: Show Off Your Stuff (Go to your treehouse for a second) 
  3. Einstein: Walk Up For A Chat (Go up to Einstein in the robot room and talk to him!)
  4. Grow: Solve The Puzzle And Grow A Crop (Play a game of Grow)
  5. Carlos: Change Your Color (Change your color at the Color Me store!)
  6. Recycle: Get Materials To Build Cool Stuff! (Play a game of R.A.T.S)
  •  Once you have done all of these, you will get this message:

Df4516068ee44dcf877e533 Congratulations! You should now be a GREEN BANANA!

You can see what the Green Banana T-shirt and Green Banana Flag look like in the picture on the left!

Just to add to the coolness, old monkeys ALSO get the green banana flag and t-shirt, and I think it will help MiniMonos get a lot more monkeys!

Also, in other news, R.A.T.S has been updated with a new final score count! Heres a picture of it:


(LOL im not very good at some games, dont even ask :P)

Thats all for now! What do you think about these bananatastic updates?

P.S. There have been rumors of new pie sightings around MiniMonos, if you have found a pie, dont forget to comment here about it!

Woot! Thanks for the fantastic post, MONKEYROCK! Great stuff!! @(^_^)@ - Manx


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Pie on Einstein's Chalkboard
Pie on the login screen
Pie on Einstein's chalkboard on the Green Banana thing
All represented as "pi" as either 3.14159 or the pi symbol :P

lol!!! These are nice updates! MM forever!

hi minimonos!! i have a question to ask:

Can u still be able to be a green banana if ur not new but do all the stuff that u have do to become one?

Hey there! If you're not new, and are already a Top Banana or a MiniMod, you should have the things a green banana gets already :) If you are not new, but are not a Top Banana or a MiniMod, you can still become a Green Banana, I think!

oww... im a gold monkey so i cant become one...

Everytime i go complete tasks i get the progress. but when i complete the other task my progress gets lower. Am i doing something wrong?

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