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MiniMonos green Halloween costume competition!

Green Halloween3 
Calling all ghost, vampire, pumpkin, witch and monster monkeys!! This is the MiniMonos competition for YOU!!

This Halloween we've been inspired by a very cool website called Green Halloween® and we're having the HUGEST MiniMonos green Halloween costume competition!

Show us your awesomest scariest Halloween costumes that are green and you could win some whoppingly wild MiniMonos prizes! 

What do we mean by green costumes? This means any costumes which are environmentally friendly! They could be made yourself from green or recycled materials or they could be swapped with somebody else and used again.  Check out some ideas from Green Halloween® or swap your last year's costume for another one on National Halloween Swap Day!

Just post a photo of your costume on the comments here, tell us why it's green and you could be in to win:

ONE Wickedly Werewolfish Top prize of 10,000 banana chips and 100 shells!!!

THREE Freakily Frightening prizes of 5,000 banana chips and 50 shells!!!

SIX Screamingly Scary prizes of 2,000 banana chips and 25 shells!!

 (If you want to show your face in the photo, make sure you have your parent's permission first).

Green Halloween 
The winners will be announced at our official MiniMonos Halloween Party on Saturday October 30th, Monkey Time.  Bananatastic will be telling you more about that party soon!

You will also have your costumes displayed in Mutt's gallery for everymonkey to see!

Get making and creating those green creepy costumes, monkeys!  We can't wait to see them all!


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wow! great idea :D good luck monkeys

Awesome! Good Luck Monkeys!

Cool idea can i draw a disign take a pic of it THEN make a vid of it?
Cuz i cant eamil you
Reply ASAP so i can start =)

Heres the scary costume thats eco friendly i call SCARY ECO FRIENDLY AND WHITE DOCTOR BOO.To make him i used old cups that can be recycled,a old triangle packaging,and a white shirt that i got from my grandfather when he was a boy.I have my parensts promision too post my pic.Heres the pic:http://2.bp.blogspot.com/_DcmQWoj0YDo/TKx4G1UkYvI/AAAAAAAAAJU/HfrKvGejRFs/s1600/1.bmp
I cant do more then this because is my country we dont have halloween and i dont have any cosyumes but i tryed my best.

LOL!!...that's EXCELLENT koltor1, we loved it!!!

Rocket -- Wow! Yes you can, as long as you make the actual costume in the end and show us! Going to that much trouble to show us the whole process would be amazing! In fact, if you wanted to, you could even enter your video in our MiniMonos Video of the week!!! The theme is: What happened that Halloween night on MiniMonos?

Uhhhh so how do you enter?

Ohhhh now I get it! Would I be able to email it to one of the MiniMonos staff?

Hey Snelly! Yep you can email one of us your entry! No worries! :-)

Wow I will try my best to win! My costume will probably come out great if I have time! Happy Green Halloween! Haha,best bananas!


So is this right?
You make a scary halloween outfit and take a pic of u wearing it and then you send it in and hopefully win?

I honestly don't have anything thats recycled or anything. May I make a costume out of past costumes and aroudn the house items??

@Snelly: Yep that's how it works! :-) If your photo shows your face, we need your parent's permission though!

@Penguitt: Yep that'd be great to make a costume out of! @(^_^)@

How many entrys can you submit because I could make some and give them to my friends to use! :D

@Sillyboy: You can enter as many as you'd like! :-)

Hey monkeys! Here is Snelly's costume! She calls it Barbie Freakie Girl!


Lol! Hope you like it guys!!!

Lol! Hope you like it guys!!!

Lol! Hope you like it guys!!!

Lol! Hope you like it guys!!!

Hey! cooooool!
Will try to enter this contest though Halloween is not celebrated in my country (INDIA)....
May I know the deadline?

Heres my entry :D


i really like it,very interseting & we r getting shells is most acttractive thing

Cool! The homemade costumes are always better than the store ones! I'm making one this year...I hope I win! :)

Hey, everyone! :) McDonalds here with my Green Halloween costume: The Eco-Friendly Zombie Zoo Keeper! I did have my parents permission to show my face. My costume is green because my shirt, pants, and rope belt are 100% cotton. I used old newspaper for a hat, which can be recycled. Finally, I used a reusable water bottle.

Here is the link of my costume:


I hope you like the monkey and the zombie scratches! :)

How disappointing to see yet another site for kids buying into the whole Halloween culture! I thought being a NZ owned site we would be spared the American hype over Halloween.
To think I have been encouraging my kids to play on Minimonos rather than other sites thinking this was a safe environment for them.
My children will not be entering this competition and I will do my best to keep them away from Minimonos until there is nothing to do with halloween on the site.

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