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Monkey of the Week -- Emini!


Our Monkey of the Week this week is Emini!  Listen to this awesome story:

A few weeks ago in Emini’s country it was Seaweek so she and other volunteers went out collecting rubbish from the beach.  And Emini did such a great job she was interviewed for her local newspaper!

Emini said that amongst other stuff, she picked up a heap of cigarette butts.  These can be toxic as they break down and if there are a lot of them it can affect our wildlife.  Check out all the cigarette butts they picked up  -- there are about 1800 of them! Yuk!

Eminy picks up trash

Emini said in the newspaper interview: “Me and my friends have recently been aware of the environment.  At lunchtime we just all go together and pick up the rubbish.” 

Woohoo!!!  We know that Emini and her friend, PurpleTanya, have been big supporters of PERcY’s Pick Up Trash Friday and have commented and tweeted about what they’ve been doing.  Emini also told us that MiniMonos made her more aware of looking after the environment.  That means that we monkeys are making a difference in the real world.  How awesome is that!

Great job Emini and well done for being Monkey of the Week!

p.s. Wow!  I just checked my messages and found out that Emini has a brand new baby brother! A huge congratulations again to you and your family, Emini! :-)


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Woo hoo! Congrats Emiwy! xD You were right, that is a lot of cigarette butts!

Wow Emini! What an outstand story! You have been making a great change to our earth and for that, we thank you. You really deserve Monkey of the Week and I hope you and ur community continue picking up trash. :) I think I will pass that on to my city! :D

Best Bananas,


^^ Congrats Emini!! 1800 cigarettes butts is A LOT o.o and totally awesome! :D One thing I wonder is if those butts are able to be recycled or any way to properly dispose of them?? You deserve Monkey of the Week all the way, and if we had one, Monkey of the Month!! ^.^


omg! dats me!!!!!!!!!!!! im so happy!

Glad you're happy -- you did a great thing, Emini! :-)

Whoa you got your pic on Go Bananas. And you made the newspaper. And your Monkey of the Week. Thats awesome Emini. :D

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